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The skin is the largest organ of the body and without it we would not be able to live. It protects us from damaging pathogens, provides the sense of touch, regulates the heat of our bodies, controls heat loss by evaporation, stores fats and water and gives us a waterproof covering that protects our inner organs.

However sometimes things go wrong with this vital organ and this website is dedicated to all those who are affected by Nodular Prurigo (NP), one of the many diseases of the skin.

As NP is a rare and difficult condition to treat, we believe it is important that anyone affected should have access to the best information available so that they can make informed decisions about their treatment in partnership with their general practitioner/dermatologist.

Our Objectives

 The objectives of the website are:

  •  To act as a central source of information about NP.
  • To offer support to anyone affected by NP.
  • To increase general awareness of this distressing skin condition.
  • To promote further and future research


The site hopes to achieve these objectives by:

  • Providing first class, up to date information and links to other online resources.
  • Giving contact to people affected by NP through a Facebook Group.
  • Raising the subject of NP with the press, media, medical professionals and the general public.

The success of this site depends on anyone with information and advice being in contact and willing to have this published here. We would welcome personal stories, research papers, treatment options and any ways in which you have found it possible to live with or find relief from NP. Please  click here to be in touch.

A Final "Please & Thank You"

We hope you find this website useful which is brought to you by voluntary effort and most importantly, donations. If you have found it useful please think about making a small donation by clicking here.