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Part 1 - Personal Details

(1) What is your gender?

(2) What range is your age in?

(3) What region of the world do you live in?

Part 2 - Medical Treatment

(4) How long have you been diagnosed with nodular prurigo (NP)?

(5) Are you currently receiving treatment for your NP?

(6) When requiring treatment who generally has the primary responsibility for your medical care/treatment of your NP?

(7) You chose Other Person above. Please give the professional title of the person responsible for the treatment/care of your NP.

(8) Have you been or are you taking any of the following types of drugs for your NP?

(9) You chose Other drug(s) above. Please give the name of drug(s) using the recognised pharmaceutical name if possible.

(10) Which of the drugs mentioned above has been the most effective in controlling your symptoms?

(11) Have you or are you using any of the following types of topical (on the skin) treatments on your skin?

(12) You chose Other Topical Treatment above. Please name the product(s) used.

(13) Have you or are you currently receiving any of the following external treatments?

(14) You chose Other procedure above. Please give the name of the procedure.

(15) Overall how effective do you think any of the medical treatment you have received has been in relieving the symptoms of your NP?

Part 3 - Psychological Treatment

(16) As a result of your NP, have you become anxious or depressed?

(17) Have you required treatment for this anxiety or depression?

(18) Have you ever had thoughts of self-harm?

(19) Have you had or are you receiving any form of psychological care/treatment, apart from drugs, specifically relating to your NP?

(20) Which one of the following most closely describes the treatment/care you have had or are receiving?

(21) You chose Other Therapy above. Please give the name of the treatment/care you are receiving.

(22) Overall, how effective has the psychological care/treatment you have been receiving been in helping you cope with your NP?

(23) Do you believe that having some additional form of psychological care/treatment would improve your ability to cope with your NP better than just medical treatment alone?

(24) Could you briefly explain why you think this?

Part 4 - Alternative Treatments

(25) Have you ever used any type of alternative treatment for your NP, either through an alternative medicine practitioner or self-devised?

(26) Which one of the following most closely describes the approach you used to get information about the alternative treatment/care you have tried?

(27) You chose Other source above. Please give your source of information.

(28) Have you tried any of the following forms of alternative treatments?

(29) You chose Other treatment above. Please give the name(s) of the alternative treatment(s).

(30) Have you tried any of the following methods of treatment?

(31) You chose Other treatment above. Please give a brief description.

(32) Did you notice any benfit from using any of these methods?

(33) Please briefly state what benefits you had.

(34) Overall, how effective do you feel any alternative therapy you have used has been in lessening the symptoms of your NP?

(35) In general do you think that any alternative therapies you have used or heard about have anything to offer in the treatment of NP?

Part 5 - Experience of Treatment and Care

(36) Based on your personal experience, how knowledgeable is/was the person with primary responsibility for your care/treatment of NP?

(37) Based on your personal experience how understanding and empathic is/was the person responsible for your primary care to your symptoms and feelings?

(38) Dependent on the country you live in and your personal circumstances, which one of the following is nearest to the way in which your treatment is paid for?

(39) You chose Other funding above. Please describe the payment method.

(40) Have personal financial issues prevented you from affording to have treatment or continuing treatment that had already been started?

(41) Is there any further comment you would like to give about this survey